Advantages of Aluminum foil:

Aluminum foil reacts only to highly concentrated acids and basic substances and is otherwise strongly corrosive resistant

Aluminum foil is sterile and therefore hygienic

Aluminum foil is tasteless and odorless

Aluminum foil is extremely dimensionally stable even in a soft state

Aluminum foil can be recycled several times without loss of quality

Aluminum foil does not absorb liquids

Despite the contrary claims, aluminum foil in food packaging is generally harmless to health. Acid or salty foods should not come into direct contact with aluminum, but composite films with an aluminum layer can be used.

The efficient storage of food and beverages in aluminum packaging reduces the need for cooling and makes it spoil slower. In addition, the low weight of aluminum reduces required energy during transport.

Which Aluminum foil is suitable for which product?

Aluminum foils and laminates are ideally suited for the production of packaging for:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Instant beverages
  • Jams and pies
  • Snacks, biscuits, and peanuts
  • Sausage and dried meat
  • Soup concentrates
  • Baby food
  • Ready meals and preserves

However, in the case of aluminum foil, it is only guaranteed if it does not come into contact with, particularly acidic or salty foods. Under the influence of acid and salt, aluminum ions dissolve and pass into the food.

It is therefore not recommended to use bare aluminum foils as packaging for the following products:

  • Apple sauce, stewed apples, apple purée
  • Rhubarb
  • Tomatoes
  • Sour cucumbers
  • Sauerkraut
  • Salted herring
  • Sliced citrus fruits
  • Marinades that contain vinegar or fruit acids

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Composite films made of aluminum with PET, PE, paper, and other materials

Multilayer films are referred to as laminates or composite films. These are multilayer films made of different materials, the individual layers being glued together.

A laminate of two films is called “duplex” (eg aluminum + PE), a laminate of three layers is also called “triplex” (e.g. PET + aluminum + PE). Laminates with more layers are also possible, “Aluminum + PE + kraft paper + sheeting + flame retardant”. This material can be used several times (e.g. two PE films in a sandwich with aluminum, i.e. PE + Alu + PE).

The process of gluing the films is called “laminating” or “lamination“. When a plastic material is applied to a carrier web in liquid form, it can itself serve as an adhesive for a further film. For this purpose, a PE granulate is usually heated and applied between the two foils to be bonded. One then speaks of a “PE-lamination“. When the PE is applied to only one carrier (i.e. outside the finished film), it is referred to as “coating” or “extruding“.

Aluminum foil as rolls

We supply aluminum both on large mother reels of several hundred kilograms, as well as “small reels” with few running meters. In principle, aluminum foil is more expensive on small reels (i.e. with a few meters and lightweight) than aluminum foil on large reels (with many meters and high weight), because the more frequent reels changes during production mean that the production costs are much higher. This applies to both aluminum foil and composite film.

Aluminum foil provides a complete barrier to light, oxygen, moisture, and bacteria. For this reason, foil is used extensively in food and pharmaceutical packaging. It is also used to make aseptic packaging that enables the storage of perishable goods without refrigeration.

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