The primary purpose of packaging is to protect the goods during transportation and storage. However, over the decades, manufacturing companies have come to understand the power of an effective packaging design on brand awareness and popularity. And one of the advancements in packaging design has been smart packaging.

1. What is smart packaging?

Smart packaging has been a trending topic for many years now. It comes in many names – it could also be called interactive packaging or active packaging – or a combination of these.

Smart packaging uses digital technology to print a unique data code on each individual package. This data code is controlled by the brand owner and can be updated at any time, even after the product is released.

These data codes provide each package with a unique digital identity. This can be helpful in protecting against counterfeiters. Since each package has a unique code, you can track each package throughout the supply chain and deliver a customized digital experience to each consumer through a mobile interface.

The most common digital data code today is the QR code printed on the product’s packaging.

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2. Types of smart packaging

Active packaging

Active packaging is one that directly interacts with the product. It improves the quality or shelf life of products during storage. Specific substances can be removed from the surroundings immediately or may be released into the environment.

Ethylene and oxygen absorbers, light filter materials, moisture-regulating or antibacterial surface coatings are used in active packaging. Any of these active ingredients can be either added separately in the form of inserts or incorporated into the packaging.

Intelligent packaging

Consumer Engagement

There are endless opportunities for consumer engagement with connected packaging; be it educational, fun, or used as part of a loyalty program. All consumers can take advantage of this engagement by simply using their cell phone camera (no app required) to scan the code. Using the code, consumers are instantly directed to a specific experience, like a webpage. There, they can view a recipe, video, promotion, join a loyalty program, sign up for a newsletter, play a game, or even download a coupon. 

Product Authentication and Brand Protection 

These functions can serve both consumers and brand owners. For brands looking to highlight a product’s authenticity or sourcing story, connected packaging can be used on the package to deliver detailed information unique to that individual item.

Track and Trace

Track and trace are following a package’s (and product’s) journey from the beginning to the end. Consumers can use track and trace by scanning the code and learning about a product’s sourcing ingredients, as well as the product’s journey from farm to table (or store). Brand owners can use it to obtain critical information about the supply chain that will help to strengthen logistics.

3. Benefits of Smart Packaging 

  • Customer Engagement

Smart Packaging communicates with the customer. It can provide additional content, entertain, and evoke emotional engagement. Building engagement between brands and customers increases sales and brand loyalty.

  • Customer Empowerment

Intelligent packaging offers an impressive customer interface that can be used to learn more about the purchased product. Scanning a QR code on a food package, for instance, can present the customer with dietary concerns, ingredient research, and nutritional value.

  • Reveal Product Usage

By connecting the package to the cloud, brands receive plenty of data. Such as when the package was opened for the first time when it’s opened and closed subsequently, where and how often it’s used, and more.

  • Quality Control

Packaging can be designed to help monitor the condition of a product. It can indicate whether it is good or compromised. The result is easier access to genuine quality products from the manufacturer.

  • Smooth User Experience

Smart packaging makes the product easier to use. It can provide clearer instructions by linking to a video or enable users to access an online chat and ask any questions they would like for a personalized experience.

  • Staying Relevant with your Customers

Learning what your customers need and want can help you plan your product roadmap to suit them better. Also, investing in smart packaging is one way to project your company as technologically advanced and grab customer attention.

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