PET film is material in food and beverage packaging. It is also used in the packaging of many other products, and PET film is also a key material for packaging things like cosmetics and cleaning chemicals. Just look at the recycling code on any PET plastic package, and you’ll see: It’s #1.

1. Transparent, safe, and solid feature

When they are handled properly, PET plastic packages are completely transparent, giving consumers a glimpse of whatever they hold in their hands. And PET plastic is very durable and holds up even in extreme temperatures. They’re durable, lightweight, and easy to recycle – all-important to consumers and a serious boon when you’re looking for practical packaging.

So PET plastic is flexible, recyclable, beautiful, and lightweight. In particular, PET plastic is safe. That’s why they’re so popular for things you want to keep clean, like food, and things you need to prevent leaks, such as cleaning products. Whether you’re trying to keep something out or keep something inside, this plastic is sturdy enough without sacrificing clarity or malleability.

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2. Tested and approved by the FDA

PET plastic has been thoroughly tested and stamped by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so you have nothing to worry about when choosing PET. If you need safety, practicality, and simplicity, this is exactly the packaging material you are looking for.

PET plastic is used in a variety of applications, but most prominently for liquids and foods. PET film has many benefits for consumers who regularly buy food and beverages in plastic containers. Many food packaging is heat-formed while drink bottles and other narrow-necked containers are often molded.

If you come across a bottle with the number 1 on the bottom or side, you know it’s made of PET.

3. Reasons to choose PET film for food and beverage packaging

It’s safe. PET does not contain BPA, a plastic by-product that consumers have repeatedly been told to stay away from, PET containers are also shattered resistant. Another benefit is the cost savings due to damage during shipping. With the durable properties of PET plastic, the goods are less likely to be damaged on the way to the store.
PET film is a lightweight and very convenient material. You won’t find a more portable and disposable item. For example, enjoy a meal by the lake or bring a PET water bottle with you when you exercise. The product’s lightweight nature means you’re less likely to notice it in your bag, and you can always throw it in the recycling bin when you’ve used up the product.

It is great for preserving wine. Forget the traditional glass wine bottles. You can comfortably transport your wine to a picnic without worrying that the bottle will break. With an equally long shelf life.

It has effective barriers. Especially when compared to other plastic products.

It is not toxic. PET plastic will not present a hazard to the skin and inhalation of the plastic is not hazardous at any point in the manufacturing process.

4. Products using PET plastic as packaging

Because of the myriad benefits of PET packaging, many industries are switching to durable plastics from their traditional packaging designs, such as:

  • Spice
  • Alcohol
  • Water
  • Sodas
  • Manufacturing
  • Frozen foods
  • Lotion
  • Soap
  • Toothpaste

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