Skyrocketing purchase of packaged food through modern sales channels such as supermarkets and hypermarkets has resulted in high demand for BOPA films. Additionally, the rise of e-commerce that has enabled the quick sale of packaged food items has also generated a massive demand in the market. Processed food products are susceptible to damage if they are exposed to biological or atmospheric impurities. Thus, producers are constantly striving for ways to maintain the quality while prolonging the shelf life. The excellent protection offered by BOPA films against moisture and gas is expected to make them a preferred packaging solution amongst end-users.

1. BOPA film

BOPA stands for Biaxially Oriented Polyamide. It is also known as BON (Biaxially Oriented Nylon) film. It is made of polyamide (PA) plastic. And polyamide is a high-performance plastic. BOPA film is a biaxially oriented nylon film, suitable for heat press packaging and packaging applications for high-speed printing.

2. Typical specification

Thickness: 12 um, 15 um, 25 um

Size: 400mm – 1400mm

Corona treatment: 1 side (Inside) or 2 sides (Both Sides)

Friction: Normal friction, high friction, and low friction

Type: compound, low-color printing, and multi-color printing.

3. Classification of BOPA films

Transparent / Clear BOPA

Biaxial-oriented polyamide (BOPA) film (also called Nylon Film) meets nearly all expectations of modern and future first-class applications, whether food or non-food. BOPA films are especially suitable for packing foods that deteriorate easily, frozen and cooked foods, vegetables, aquatic products, and medical machines, electronic products, etc.

Metalized BOPA

It is a metalized nylon film by controlled vacuum deposition of high purity aluminum. The base is a rented nylon film. Metalized film especially recommended being used in greeting balloons (helium) that require a very high barrier to gas and excellent adhesiveness on the metalized side. Also, it can be used in laminations for food packaging, due to its properties it could be an alternative to aluminum foil in this type of applications

4. BOPA film properties

BOPA film has excellent properties, can be used for a variety of high-grade packaging.

Exceptional Mechanical Strength

Our process results in the film having superior mechanical properties, such as puncture-, impact-, burst- and tear resistance.

High Abrasion and Flex-Crack Resistance

Compared to single-layer mono or biaxially oriented nylon film, BOPA films offer superior protection against pin-holing and a resultant loss of barrier.

The combination of superior flex-crack and inherent high abrasion resistance makes BOPA the ideal choice for packaging applications from freezing to steam sterilization.

Dimensional Stability

Excellent mechanical properties and dimensional stability in all directions provide balanced properties for optimum performance on both converting and packaging equipment.

Optical Properties

Brilliant surface gloss and superb transparency make BOPA films an ideal choice for applications in which package appearance is paramount.

Gas and Aroma Barrier

BOPA films provide an excellent gas and aroma barrier. These exceptional barrier properties come from a combination of resin selection and our three-layer co-ex technology.

Chemical Resistance

BOPA films offer excellent chemical resistance to many organic solvents, as well as to fertilizers and numerous other commercial and industrial chemicals.

Actually, it is hard to use this film merely. Normally it is laminated with other materials (such as PE, EVA, PET, CPP aluminum foil and paper, etc.) in order to get better comprehensive performance.

5. BOPA film benefits

It has a wide temperature use range (-600C – 1500C) and has a good barrier against oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and odor. It is resistant to acid, alkaline, grease, and different kinds of common organic solvents. BOPA also has high transparency and gloss. It is used for food packaging and applied in the process of printing and laminating.

The outstanding barrier properties of BOPA films are expected to be its selling points during the forecast period that will be sensitive to hygiene and cross-contaminations.

The high demand for ready-to-eat meals, processed food, and canned fruits & vegetables is projected to be assertive in using BOPA films as the safety of consumers will take priority.

The improvement in mechanical, optical, and barrier properties of oriented films has strengthened the case for the usage of BOPA in pharmaceutical packaging. Biaxially-oriented polyamide films offer greater performance and superior barrier against oxygen and moisture even at low thicknesses, making an apt choice amongst food suppliers.

Over the years, the level of demand for biaxially-oriented polyamide (BOPA) film has increased due to the growing demand in food packaging and in barrier functions supported by its superior protection properties, such as loss from the aroma, permeation of water, increases shelf-life, and maintain taste. Biaxially-oriented polyamide (BOPA) film is used for a variety of end-use industries, such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, other packaging.

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6. BOPA film application

For general food, detergents, and retort

For general food

This is a general type wrapper used to prevent corruption of contents and achieve long-term storage under refrigerated conditions. It is the most common type of packaging employed to increase storage time and prevent breakage during distribution. 

For detergents

This is a wrapper mainly used for liquid- and powder-type contents such as laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and shampoo. It is a wrapper for refilling purposes designed to make it possible to use existing containers by refilling them with new contents. Therefore, it must withstand the load of the contents and must not burst in the event of the product falling down.

For retort

This is a food wrapper used for pre-cooked/-processed food that is seal-packaged and then pressure-sterilized at 120℃ for 30 minutes. The demand for this wrapper is rising due to the development of pre-and semi-cooked instant food and the increasing consumption of microwave oven-prepared food.

For pharmaceutical use

This is a wrapper for pharmaceuticals that require high levels of protective blockage, including pills and capsules. It must have properties such as longitudinal/transverse properties balance and isotropy.

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