Packaging is key to avoid product leakage, to ensure safe use, to protect products during transport, and to enable correct dosage.

Types of packaging used by the detergent industry

Typical materials that are used in the sector for packaging are:

Flexible bags are great for all your laundry needs

Whether your soap or detergent is in liquid or powder form, you can count on flexible bags to protect the contents from moisture, vapor, odor, light, and even puncture.

Flexible bags are made from multiple layers of high-quality barrier films laminated together to form the barrier properties and protection needed to keep the product fresher for longer but also provide the strength and durability for the pouch to stand on a store shelf effectively. Bags continue to grow in popularity with companies looking for unique ways to merchandise their product while protecting it at the same time.

Flexible bags can be custom printed in up to 10 colors. Available features for stand-up pouches include zipper tops, tear notches, hang holes, and even gas release valves.

Examples of soap and detergent packaging include:

  • Powder soap
  • Liquid hand soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • All-natural bar soap
  • Others

Detergent packaging


  • Stand-up pouch: BOPA/LLDPE, bottom: BOPA/LLDPE
  • Stand-up pouch: BOPA/enhanced BOPP/LLDPE, bottom: BOPA/LLDPE
  • Stand-up pouch: PET/BOPA/enhanced BOPP/LLDPE, bottom: BOPA/LLDPE


PET increases mechanical and water resistance. The bottom uses a flexible film for easy machining.

Whether you are looking for a flexible bag in one of our many colors and available sizes, an unprinted flexible bag with a particular size unique to your product, or even a flexible bag that is custom printed, we can help.

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