The pet food industry relies on product packaging to highlight the brand and facilitate the use of premium products. Some of the packaging improvements to these changes include new styles such as stand-up pouches, snap-to-close zippers, and roll films.

Food packaging structure pets

The structure of food packaging pets usually do are composite film material 2 – 3 layers: OPP/PE, PET/PE, OPP/MPET/PE, PET/MPET/PE, OPP/AL/PE, PET/AL /PE

The role of the film materials used in packaging composite film pet food:

  • OPP or PET film: is the outermost layer of film, used as a surface substrate for pet food packaging. In addition to the good print quality, the two types of films above also have the role of anti-permeation, moisture-proof, and anti-oxidation for the product. Most pet food will be impregnated with food-grade essential oils, so pet food packaging is often used PET film outside because PET film has the ability to keep the scent very well.
  • AL or MPET film:  Aluminium or aluminum plated film (Metalized + PET/ Metalized + CPP) has the effect of enhancing mechanical strength, increasing resistance to gas permeation, moisture, and oil repellency, creating an environment Ideal for prolonging product shelf life.
  • PE film:  As the innermost layer, it plays a role in strengthening the physical and mechanical properties of the packaging, making it strong and adhesive when sealing the edges of the bag.

Update in laminated film packaging for pet food

Flexible packaging features for pet food production to respond directly to the latest consumer habits. Today, animals that are given foods high in protein, such as wet foods, need containment systems to keep them fresh.

Safety factors have also been incorporated into pet food products, such as the use of natural ingredients and a closer look at any preservatives used.

The appearance of laminate packaging must be attractive because consumers will choose products with attractive packaging, just as they would for their meals. To earn sales, each laminate packaging must convey a premium look and ultra-convenient functionality.

Owners want the best for their pets and will order pet food items that have the following characteristics:

  • Fresh, organic ingredients.
  • The ingredients use scientific, health-oriented principles.
  • Food in packaging that is eye-catching has the desired look and is designed to facilitate opening, closing, and storing food.
  • Protein-rich supplement

The fundamental factor in attracting consumers to this pet food is that it must be a product that offers convenient options and is easy to use, but also attractive.

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The need to perform

Product packaging companies have had to innovate to keep these changes up to date for consumers and retailers. Example: Union Packaging has found new ways to meet the needs of stores. Continuous updates are made, from faster completion times, requiring highly skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, to re-imagining the materials needed to closely match together as a complete packing unit. Packaging and fulfillment companies are differentiating themselves by what they can deliver and how quickly and efficiently they can deliver.

Meet the brand values

Competition in the pet food and feed industry is heightened by these modern consumer demands. While every company wants to stand out, those who do, show that they can align their values ​​with those of their customers.

Sustainable packaging

This idea has revolved around the need for product lines that include sustainable packaging in recent years. Consumers want their pet packaging to match the quality of the product, both of which must demonstrate a commitment to the health of people, pets, and the world. Brands have changed their marketing language to include these traits. They also need packaging to demonstrate a commitment to these values ​​within their budget and high-quality thresholds. Consumers who demand sustainability also crave easily accessible nutritional information. Brands will highlight component features with messaging as part of their design. Sustainable packaging must continue to offer complete functionality, eloquent design, and shelf-ready appeal.

A supplier of prestigious and quality plastic films

Union Packaging with many years of experience in the field of providing plastic films and plastic packaging is manufactured from virgin plastic particles and meets FDA standards. Customers can rest assured when cooperating with us because Union Packaging always ensures:

  • Customer satisfaction is the number 1 priority
  • Outstanding product quality from stable sources of quality goods from Taiwan and China
  • Competitive price
  • Reputation builds a brand
  • Product safety certification
  • Fast shipping
  • Various payment policies
  • Enthusiastic, dynamic, and creative staff
  • Providing a wide range of plastic films for packaging materials
  • Being a close partner of many suppliers

Union Packaging is a reputable and experienced supplier of OPP, CPP, MCPP, PET, MPET, PE laminated film…. in the industry. We always try to research, develop and improve product quality, improve customer care ability to meet the increasing demands of the domestic and foreign packaging market. Please contact us now: 0987 437 469 – 0903 750 384 for specific advice and quotation.


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