The complex packaging market is currently booming and in this segment, the two most popular types of laminated packaging are rollstock packaging and bag packaging.

The rollstock film is printed and laminated on one roll, then used with the high-speed packaging machine. The machine will divide the rollstock film into each bag which was filled with product, and sealed the bag mouth.

Finishing bags, on the other hand, have been shaped to your specifications and ready to be filled with product and will be machine-sealed or hand-sealed.

If you are trying to decide whether rollstock film or finished bag is the best for your brand, check out the content in this article.

1. The role of rollstock

Rollstock is the ideal packaging solution for a wide range of products – everything from cereal bars, snacks to disposable sample products or sugars, … – rollstock is best suited for businesses that are looking to create a pillow-shaped bag, a flavoring bag, and a three-sided bag.

When you consider whether to use this type of packaging or not, keep in mind that with rollstock you will need access to the packaging machine, whether it’s your own equipment or hiring a unit. 

In general, for projects requiring high speeds, high yields, and long durations, it is recommended to use rollstock on high-speed machines. It is the best and capable of producing more packages per minute than filling the finished bags. If you’re partnering with a co-packer or co-manufacturer for your packaging, rollstock is a great option.

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2. Three reasons to choose rollstock for your business:

  1. Cost reduction – Depending on production volume, rollstock can significantly reduce packaging costs as they are rolled up and generate less waste.
  2. Faster Speed – You can produce more packages per minute than filling the finished bags
  3. Outstanding graphics and printing – The vivid and clear color of the gravure printing on the rollstock makes your packages stand out in the eyes of your customers. This is an important factor in building a brand for the business.

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3.The Power of Preformed Pouches

Ideal for a wide range of products and markets including solids, powders, and liquids, stand-up pouches and lay flat pouches offer consumer convenience, are environmentally friendly, and work to extend the shelf life of many products. Pouches are best suited for brands looking to package products on their own, or with the help of a co-packer.

If you don’t have FFS machinery, buying preformed pouches may be the best choice for you. 

Many brands choose this route because pouches are generally more suited to projects with shorter runs since they offer more flexibility and easier changeovers. This means if you will be making many different pouch sizes, shapes, or styles and need to change over a number of times in the same day, using preformed pouches is the way to go.

4. Things to consider when choosing your packaging

  • The rollstock is suitable for both horizontal packing machines and vertical packing machines. This combination results in a significant increase in volume and faster speeds, at a lower cost per bag. However, you will have to dispose of the scrap yourself when using the rollstock. The finished bags are manufactured by experts in bag manufacturing technology such as Union Packaging. Finished bags come in various shapes, sizes, and utilities such as bags with ziplock, 8 side seals with valves, liquid spout pouches, etc., and these bags are not suitable for FFS machines. However, the finished bag requires many people to fill the bag with products.
  • Usually the companies will consider the volume to choose the appropriate type of packaging. If it’s less than a specified number each year, it makes more sense to use the finished bag – the quantity can be anything from a few hundred thousand units per year to 1 million or more. If you cannot predict the growth of the business, the payback can be very long on FFS systems.
  • If you are going to be making a variety of bag sizes, shapes, or styles and need to change several times in a short amount of time, the finished bag is probably more suitable for your requirements. If you have a longer run time and a higher output, and only one to four different sizes or designs, the rollstock is the better choice.

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