Sausage is a processed meat product, and there are hundreds of types of sausage products around the world. To meet the needs of consumers, this product is always produced in huge volumes every day. In addition, the new packaging design is also indispensable, because the packaged sausage can not only ensure hygiene but also improve the ability to preserve. At the same time, packaging can also be used as a form of advertising to attract customers. It’s easy to draw customers’ attention to the beautifully designed and beautifully designed packaging.

Sausage is a nutritious and high moisture food. Storage time mainly depends on the moisture content and method of the sausage cooking, as well as on the operating process and packaging technology after sterilization. At present, the packaging film used in the market is mostly composite film.

1. Sausage packaging method

The packaging method can be divided into vacuum packaging and air filling packaging. The aim of both methods is to reduce the effect of oxygen on product quality.

Vacuum packaging: The purpose of this type of packaging is to reduce the effect of oxygen on the product by deoxygenation or by vacuum aspiration. The effect of vacuum extraction is to keep sausages in a vacuum state and inhibit the multiplication and oxidation of bacteria. This type of packaging can also act as a fixation of the product within the package.

The packaging is loaded with inert gas, uses an airtight film, and fills it with inert gas (e.g. nitrogen). When filling with gas, it is necessary to remove the oxygen from the bag before filling it. At this point, the replacement rate is very important. If the replacement rate does not meet the requirements, simple packaging should be used. This type of packaging must be carried out under hygienic conditions. Its characteristics are that the product is not under pressure and will not be deformed.

Product packaging must consider quality, shelf life according to the market, economy, and other issues. In order to properly pack according to market requirements, we must consider comprehensively 3 aspects: production conditions, packaging methods, packaging materials.

2. Sausage packaging materials and methods

The purpose of packaging is to prevent bacteria from contaminating the products, so as to ensure the quality of products. Packaging can also play an advertising role and attract consumers’attention. In all stages of manufacturing, circulation, sales, and consumption, i.e. from the factory to consumer, products always have to contact people, so pollution may occur at any time, so we need to prevent bacterial contamination through packaging.

3. Properties of sausage packaging materials

The packaging of the sausage must meet certain requirements. Most of the packaging material used for sausages is plastic. Plastics have more packaging properties than paper and metal materials. Furthermore, laminating technology can combine many of the properties of the films to make sausage packaging more advantageous.

Isolation of oxygen

The oxygen resistance of the plastic film is suitable for all types of sausage, except raw meat. Due to the action of oxygen, hemoglobin transforms into hemoglobin with high iron content, which causes fading of products, promotes lipid oxidation and proliferation of aerobic microorganisms. Therefore, it is very important to prevent the product from exposure to oxygen in order to maintain product quality and improve shelf life.

Moisture resistant

It is a property that prevents water vapor from passing through. The film’s moisture resistance is suitable for all sausage packaging. The taste and quality of the product will also change if the moisture of the product escapes the packaging film as steam or if the product absorbs water vapor from the outside.


Use ink to absorb light or reflect light. When using ink, black and white colors can absorb or reflect light. Except for black, all bright colors hardly absorb light. Therefore, the plastic packaging of sausages protects the product from harmful rays. The disadvantage is that it is impossible to see the products inside the packaging.

Shock resistance

This property applies to all types of plastic packaging. The tight packing without gaps between the sausage and the packaging helps the product resist impact. The impact resistance of soft plastic materials can be ensured by a balance between tensile strength, elongation, and impact strength.

Resistant to cold

Even at low temperatures, the plastic film is not brittle but can retain the durability and impact resistance of the product inside.

Resistance to oil

It prevents the free fat in the product from seeping out of the membrane. The oil-repellent membrane is suitable for packaging fatty sausages.

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