Vietnam is a country with special advantages in rice production. Currently, rice plays a very important role in the economic and social development of Vietnam. Therefore, in order to preserve products well and build a better brand in the international integration environment, many rice production units have chosen composite film packaging.

Rice packaging complex film

Composite film rice packaging is often used to store rice with specifications  1kg, 2kg,  5kg. This is a common packing method for exporting rice, as well as premium rice varieties.

  • Material: PA/PE, OPP/PE, OPP/MPET/LLDPE,…
  • Thickness: according to the customer’s request
  • Finished products: 3-sided laminated bags, back-welded bags, 4-sided bags, vertical bottom bags with or without zipper
  • Bag specifications: 1kg, 2kg, 5kg, 10kg
  • Printing: Gravure printing

Features of composite film rice packaging

Laminated film packaging is special packaging.

Ensure product safety but still be artistic.

The packaging of rice with the composite film is waterproof, moisture-proof, easily resistant to low-temperature weather and rainy season.

This is the perfect combination of art and quality.

Professional color printing without spillage – Prints text accurately, providing full advertising information.

Many combined features increase the quality of the product.

For example, with a transparent round window, whatever the shape of the transparent window, we can help you do it.

Packaging with good tear-resistance and durability.

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Structural features of the packaging for rice with the composite film

The structure of rice packaging with the composite film is usually compounded between the following materials: PA/PE, OPP/PE, OPP/MPET/LLDPE,… PA or OPP film is the outermost layer, PA/OPP is a gravure printing material for sharp, beautiful content. In addition, this is a non-toxic membrane and has good odor blocking and anti-permeation capabilities.

PA film has good bearing capacity, heat resistance, and puncture resistance, for products that need to be vacuum packed, the outer film material will be PA film. LDPE film is the innermost layer, has a physical and mechanical role, helping the packaging to withstand good forces. Helps to separate the ink layers and the product to be contained. And play the role of adhesive when welding edges, creating pockets.

Standard of packaging for rice with compound film required

  • Using raw materials that ensure quality and food safety. The packaging meets the criteria of the direct contact surface with food issued by the Ministry of Health.
  • Produced in a clean environment and using additive-free laminates. Food safety and hygiene.
  • Can be welded at low temperatures.
  • The packaging is good against oxygen and water vapor, helping to protect the products inside.
  • Packaging suitable for all types of packaging machines
  • Complex plastic material, various colors
  • Packaging is designed according to customer requirements.
  • High-quality printing technique
  • The best welding seam and adhesion between screens
  • Convenient, diverse, eye-catching, compact.
  • High efficiency, low cost

A supplier of prestigious and quality plastic films

Union Packaging with many years of experience in the field of providing plastic films and plastic packaging is manufactured from virgin plastic particles and meets FDA standards. Customers can rest assured when cooperating with us because Union Packaging always ensures:

  • Customer satisfaction is the number 1 priority
  • Outstanding product quality from stable sources of quality goods from Taiwan and China
  • Competitive price
  • Reputation builds a brand
  • Product safety certification
  • Fast shipping
  • Various payment policies
  • Enthusiastic, dynamic, and creative staff
  • Providing a wide range of plastic films for packaging materials
  • Being a close partner of many suppliers

Union Packaging is a reputable and experienced supplier of OPP, CPP, MCPP, PET, MPET, PE laminated film…. in the industry. We always try to research, develop and improve product quality, improve customer care ability to meet the increasing demands of the domestic and foreign packaging market. Please contact us now: 0987 437 469 – 0903 750 384 for specific advice and quotation.


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