Competition is good for business. It feels the need for innovation, efficiency, and for constant improvement of the products or services provided. The competition also weeds out those companies that really shouldn’t be in the arena at all. You cannot, therefore, afford to be complacent. As leaders in the protective packaging industry, we’ve seen countless examples of companies who failed simply because they didn’t rise to the level of their competition. You’re in the protein powder industry. You know how fierce competition is. You need to take advantage of every tool available. That’s why you should seriously consider what we believe is the best protein powder packaging available to beat your competitors, flexible retail packaging.

1. Flexible retail packaging encompasses many forms. 

These include:

  • Flexible box bags – flat bottom bags
  • Flat barrier bags – 3 side seal flat bags
  • Stand up pouches
  • Spouted stand up pouches – for liquids
  • Rollstock

2. Benefits of using laminated film packaging for powders

Here are some of the most compelling reasons we think flexible retail packaging is your best bet for getting over on the competition:

Strength. Multiple layers of scientifically formulated, food-grade, FDA-approved film are laminated together to create a barrier bag that is strong, puncture-resistant, and, not surprisingly, incredibly durable. This packaging protects contents from vapor, odor, moisture, pests, and, if necessary, light and/or unwanted extra air. This is your brand, you need to protect it with the best protein powder packaging available.

Shelf life. Flexible protein powder packaging has been designed to keep contents fresh. Optional zip-lock closures will seal nutritional properties and preserve the shelf life of products, a key consideration in customer satisfaction.

Convenience. Traditional protein powder packaging has usually taken the form of large plastic jugs/canisters with either screw-on or snap-on lids. These are certainly easy to use, but packaging convenience requires more than being able to easily open and close a container. For example, plastic jugs and canisters take up a fair amount of shelf space, regardless of whether they’re completely full or almost empty.  Flexible retail packaging, on the other hand, essentially “shrinks” as the contents decrease, permitting it to be conveniently stored. For example, the emptier a bag becomes, the less room it takes to store it (remember, this is flexible retail packaging).

Branding. This category of protein powder packaging further helps you to beat your competitors because it does its own heavy lifting when it comes to branding your brand.  What do we mean?  Simply put the design and construction of this packaging enables it to almost sell itself.  As you know, the packaging is your last (and some would say your best) opportunity to market your brand, to grab the attention of undecided shoppers. If your packaging stands apart from the competition, you’ve probably won the battle where it matters most:  Point of sale.

Social responsibility.  Recyclable, flexible protective packaging is also eco-friendly because it’s made with a fraction of the plastic of other protein powder packaging, resulting in less weight (reduced fuel consumption per unit for not only manufacturing but shipping) and less waste after disposal. Even further, flexible retail packaging is recyclable and landfill friendly.

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Flexible protective packaging like we are describing offers several options to help your products stand out:

  • Bags can be custom-printed, in up to 10 colors, to your exact specifications
  • You can affix your product labels, promotional or other company stickers directly onto the barrier film
  • The choice of clear film, metalized film, or opaque foil
  • Available round or sombrero-shaped hang holes for an alternative to shelf display
  • Any combination of the above.

3. A supplier of prestigious and quality plastic films

Union Packaging with many years of experience in the field of providing plastic films and plastic packaging is manufactured from virgin plastic particles and meets FDA standards. Customers can rest assured when cooperating with us because Union Packaging always ensures:

  • Customer satisfaction is the number 1 priority
  • Outstanding product quality from stable sources of quality goods from Taiwan and China
  • Competitive price
  • Reputation builds a brand
  • Product safety certification
  • Fast shipping
  • Various payment policies
  • Enthusiastic, dynamic, and creative staff
  • Providing a wide range of plastic films for packaging materials
  • Being a close partner of many suppliers

Union Packaging is a reputable and experienced supplier of OPP, CPP, MCPP, PET, MPET, PE laminated film…. in the industry. We always try to research, develop and improve product quality, improve customer care ability to meet the increasing demands of the domestic and foreign packaging market. Please contact us now: 0987 437 469 – 0903 750 384 for specific advice and quotation.


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