Referring to sausages, those who have tasted it will hardly forget the fatty, aromatic, and firm taste when eating a piece of sausage. Therefore, sausages have become a very popular dish at parties or family meals, especially sausages are also very popular during Tet. Therefore, choosing quality packaging for sausage packaging is essential.

Why choose laminated film packaging to store sausages?

The purpose of packaging is to prevent bacteria from contaminating the products, so as to ensure the quality of products. Packaging can also play an advertising role and attract consumers’attention. In all stages of manufacturing, circulation, sales, and consumption, i.e. from the factory to consumer, products always have to contact people, so pollution may occur at any time, so we need to prevent bacterial contamination through packaging.

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Properties of packaging materials

Oxygen isolation

Isolate oxygen permeability. Not only oxygen but also other gases. The film’s oxygen resistance is suitable for all sausages except raw meat. Especially in vacuum packaging, inflatable packaging is more important. It is very important to prevent the product from contact with oxygen in order to maintain product quality and improve its preservation.


It is the property of preventing water vapor from passing through. The moisture resistance of the film is suitable for all sausage packaging. The flavor, organization, and content of the product will also change if the moisture of the product passes through the inside of the packaging film in the form of water vapor or the product absorbs the water vapor from the outside.

Impact resistance

This property applies to all packaging. Especially for heavy items, tight packaging with no gap between sausage and products is more important. The impact resistance of packaging materials

Cold tolerance

Even at low temperatures, the film is not brittle but can maintain its strength and impact resistance.

Oil resistance

It is to prevent the free fat from the product from permeating to the outside of the film. The oil-resistant film is suitable for packaging sausages containing fat.

In a word, the materials used in sausage packaging are required to have a variety of properties, but one kind of film can not meet all the packaging performance requirements, so we compounded the film with various characteristics to make a laminated composite film, which can meet the requirements of sausage packaging.

Types of laminated sausage packaging

Food packaging in general and sausage packaging in particular use gravure axial printing technology for beautiful, realistic, and vivid print image quality, solder paste, and good adhesion between films. Materials used for packaging meet product standards and food safety and hygiene.

The popular sausage packaging structure is:  PET/PA/PE, PA/PE, PET/PE, OPP/CPP, OPP/PE

The roles of the film materials used in the packaging of sausages:

  • PET, PA, OPP film: is the outermost layer, used as the surface substrate for packaging. In addition to meeting good print quality, sharp iron, also have the role of moisture-proof, anti-oxidation.
  • The flexible PA film has the function of anti-puncture, anti-fracture, and vacuum to help preserve the best product.
  • PE, CPP film: is the innermost layer, plays the role of strengthening the physical and mechanical strength of the packaging, making it strong and adhesive when sealing the bag.

In addition, the printing of packaging sausages to help customers have more complete information about products and companies, along with beautiful, realistic, and vivid descriptions will be the most effective way to directly advertise products, as a background platform to evaluate brand and quality. Therefore, investing in the quality of sausage packaging will help businesses create trust and build a brand reputation with customers.

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