We offer custom logo plastic mask packaging, which protects your masks from all possible damage and prolongs their storage time. The plastic bags have a zipper or self-adhesive tape at the top. These make the mask more convenient and user-friendly.

1. Materials for the production of laminated film packaging for masks

Nowadays, people use masks to prevent local transmission because of the coronavirus crisis. In order to facilitate the packaging and transportation of masks, we pay great attention to the selection of plastic bags. We usually choose aluminum foil material to make mask packaging bags.

Aluminum foil material has better stability than other materials. You don’t have to worry about whether there is a harmful chemical reaction between the mask and the packing bag. As the encapsulated mask is completely isolated from outside light, moisture, gases, etc. This way we are ahead of others in terms of mask security. Of course, the aluminum foil material will also not be affected by the surrounding temperature and humidity, and will not be degraded due to changes in the external environment. That is, it helps to prolong the storage time of the mask.

Our mask packaging bags are your chance to create your brand personality. We can help customers use masks by printing product information on the bags. Of course, you can also emboss or print your company name or logo on the bag. You can also choose a clear window design, allowing your mask to be seen with a good display effect to improve your brand image.

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2. Details of the face mask packaging

  • Size/color/shape: as per customer’s request.
  • Material: PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, etc.
  • Color: Up to 10 Colors
  • Workmanship: zipper bag, printing, self-adhesive tape.

Zipper bags, also known as Ziplock bags, is a plastic bag made from PE plastic, with a zipper-locked mouth. This design helps the bag to be airtight, to preserve the product well inside, so it is very popular in many fields, especially for storing food, items such as masks, and medical equipment.

Self-adhesive open design is each opp bag contains a widened adhesive sealing strip, self-sealing and no need twist ties, can seal tightly and keep your product fresh longer.

Our staff is always ready to give dedicated advice and provide the best solutions for you. Customer satisfaction is always a guideline for the company to develop better and better.

3. A supplier of prestigious and quality plastic films

Union Packaging with many years of experience in the field of providing plastic films and plastic packaging is manufactured from virgin plastic particles and meets FDA standards. Customers can rest assured when cooperating with us because Union Packaging always ensures:

  • Customer satisfaction is the number 1 priority
  • Outstanding product quality from stable sources of quality goods from Taiwan and China
  • Competitive price
  • Reputation builds a brand
  • Product safety certification
  • Fast shipping
  • Various payment policies
  • Enthusiastic, dynamic, and creative staff
  • Providing a wide range of plastic films for packaging materials
  • Being a close partner of many suppliers

Union Packaging is a reputable and experienced supplier of OPP, CPP, MCPP, PET, MPET, PE laminated film…. in the industry. We always try to research, develop and improve product quality, improve customer care ability to meet the increasing demands of the domestic and foreign packaging market. Please contact us now: 0987 437 469 – 0903 750 384 for specific advice and quotation.


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