Polyethylene (PE) film is a very economical raw material film because it is easy to process for heat sealing and has good vapor sealing properties, so it is often used for applications such as food packaging. It also does not produce toxic fumes when burned.

1. What is PE laminated film?

PE laminated film is used for the innermost layer of the packing material.

“Laminated” is the act of gluing several layers of film together with an adhesive. The laminated film is compressed by heating (heat-tight). This forms a hermetic seal to prevent the alteration of properties or odors of the contents from leaking to the outside of the package. Films that can be heat sealed in this way are called “adhesive films” or “PE laminates”, also known as “glue films”.

PE film is commonly used as pharmaceutical packaging film and food packaging film

PE film maintains a heat-tight seal and withstands the forces of high-speed packaging machines.

PE film is designed with excellent transparency, tear resistance, chemical and grease resistance with 100% virgin PE approved by FDA.

PE is the most widely used thermoplastic polymer. In general, PE has excellent chemical and impact resistance, electrical properties, and a low coefficient of friction. In addition, PE is light in weight, easy to process, and has almost zero hygroscopicity.

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2. Structure of PE film

In its natural form, PE is clear and opalescent as the number of crystals increases. It is used in stretch films, plastic packaging, and plastic bottles. Colorants may be added.

While LLDPE and LDPE are highly preferred for electrical insulation and film packaging, HDPE is used for manufacturing household chemical containers and drums for various kinds of industrial packaging as well as in the piping industry.

The following table illustrates the applications of these three types of Polyethylene compounds.

Method/ ProcessLow-Density Polyethylene (LDPE)High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE)Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE)
Film makingFor milk carton lining, production of cling films, etc.For manufacturing shopping plastic bags and food packaging plasticsIn the manufacture of stretchable films
Using an injection molding processFor manufacturing bowls and bucketsFor manufacturing crates and dustbinsFor producing food boxes of different capacities
Using a blow molding processFor producing squeezable bottles such as ketchup containers, etc.In the production of drums and detergent bottles
Using the process of extrusionIn the manufacture of flexible water pipes as well as in cable jacketingFor manufacturing water pipes of varying capacitiesFor coating cables

3. PE film in composite/multilayer packaging:

PE film acts as a sealing layer in the structure of complex or multi-layer packaging.

Printing on OPP, PE, PET film…, then laminated to PE layer

PE film when encountering high heat will melt and weld together to shape bags and packages.

In addition, PE film also has a soft, supple, transparent (transparent PE), opaque (milk PE) film for packaging.

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