Confectionery products are very popular in every home and are often included in every gift package. While your guests are waiting for the main course, they can enjoy these delicious cakes. Therefore, they need to be well preserved and laminate packaging is the optimal solution.

What’s a stand-up pouch?

A stand-up bag is a three-side poly membrane bag with a vertical bottom. The bottom sole is stretched flat and allows it to stay upright when the bag is full. When the bag is empty, the base collapses so that the bag lies flat and saves space.

Stand-up bags are made from several layers of material that are pressed together. The barrier material and bag construction determine the strength and shelf life of the packaging. The materials selected also determine the possible risk of bag perforation, leakage, and tearing of the bag. Therefore, choosing a higher quality bag will ultimately mean fewer problems. There are usually 2-3 layers in the construction of a stand-up pouch. There is an outer layer, a middle layer, and an inner layer. Each layer provides a protective barrier to protect and preserve the product from environmental factors including moisture, UV rays, oxygen, and external odors.

Benefits of stand-up bags

Stand up pouches help seal the aroma and taste of the confectionery

Stand-up bags are also great because the multiple layers of membranes are scientifically designed to be put together to prevent insect penetration.

Stand-up pouches are durable and puncture-resistant, allowing for safe, sturdy transport and long shelf life.

Stand-up pouches for confectionery are usually designed with a secure zip closure for convenient storage. Prevents both spills and damage caused by the box not being closed properly.

Tear notches can be ordered, allowing the consumer to easily open the bag and use it.

The wide front and back allow for custom labeling or printing of text and graphics in up to 9 colors. Stand-up confectionery packaging is an ideal marketing medium. Shoppers will find it hard to resist the 3-sided vertical bag packaging with eye-catching and informative designs.

Easily display your confectionery products by placing the stand-up bag on the rack or hanging using the available hanging holes. Either way, this type of stand-up pouch packaging will stand out from the competition.

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The most popular types of composite film packaging today

Below are some of the most commonly used laminated film packaging types in daily life.

Confectionery packaging

Confectionery packaging made of the laminated film: OPP-CPP, PET-CPP, OPP-MCPP, PET/MCPP, etc.


  • Good moisture barrier.
  • Has good heat sealing and high-speed encapsulation.
  • Can block light. Fine print sharp, beautiful,…
  • Suitable for packaging of dry finished products, instant noodles, confectionery, etc.

Stand-up bag packaging products

Try using these bags for packing:

  • Cookies
  • Pies
  • Custard cake
  • Rice cake
  • Marshmallow
  • Drying fruits
  • Others

Stand-up pouches are made of durable plastic and will stand on their own, with a food-safe interior compartment. The bag can be heat sealed and includes a tear notch at the top of the bag that can be used to open the bag once it has been heating sealed. After opening the bag, your customer can use the zipper to close at the top to open and close the bag. The design can include a large window on the front and back of the bag to display all your cookies, macarons, cupcakes, candies, or any other sweet treats!

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