Choosing the right package for a product is crucial because it’s one of the first interactions that consumers have with a brand. Any corporation that wants to make an excellent impression on consumers from the get-go should read the ultimate guide to designing product packaging.

The different types of packaging

Supervisors should first consider what type of packaging they need during the design process. Ultimately, custom flexible packaging is the most ideal for many corporations since it’s easily adjustable and allows business leaders to create the exact image they had in their minds.


No one can run a successful business without knowing their competitors because they need to determine what makes their product packaging different from the competition. To achieve this you must choose the right packaging supplier.

Union Packaging Solutions Joint Stock Company brings solutions for customers in the field of plastic packaging in particular and in the industry in general. We are proud to bring our customers high-quality products, reasonable prices, and meet all requirements on the schedule of customers. We specialize in providing high-quality film materials such as OPP, CPP, MCPP, PET, MPET, PA, laminated PE…

Packaging design

Consumers buy based on the visual appeal of the packaging, so having creative professional in-house graphic designers with great design ability to appeal to your buyers, is very important.
Consider choosing laminated film packaging with the following factors:

The information must be truthful

Product packaging is vital because it helps build a loyal customer base. The cleaner the design is and the more information on the container, the more trust that’s built with the consumer. Supervisors shouldn’t put false claims on the wrapping to entice people to buy things. Instead, employers must display accurate information that shoppers can trust. The more transparent and organized business leaders are, the more folks will continuously buy from them.

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A supplier of prestigious and quality plastic films

Union Packaging with many years of experience in the field of providing plastic films and plastic packaging is manufactured from virgin plastic particles and meets FDA standards. Customers can rest assured when cooperating with us because Union Packaging always ensures:

  • Customer satisfaction is the number 1 priority
  • Outstanding product quality from stable sources of quality goods from Taiwan and China
  • Competitive price
  • Reputation builds a brand
  • Product safety certification
  • Fast shipping
  • Various payment policies
  • Enthusiastic, dynamic, and creative staff
  • Providing a wide range of plastic films for packaging materials
  • Being a close partner of many suppliers

Union Packaging is a reputable and experienced supplier of OPP, CPP, MCPP, PET, MPET, PE laminated film…. in the industry. We always try to research, develop and improve product quality, improve customer care ability to meet the increasing demands of the domestic and foreign packaging market. Please contact us now: 0987 437 469 – 0903 750 384 for specific advice and quotation.


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