Snack food consumption is on the rise. According to research, the global snack food packaging market is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 5.5% over the next 5 years.

Trends in the snack food industry during the COVID-19 pandemic

Since consumers are staying at home more because of the pandemic, the trend for snacking has increased. The desire to try new things (and order online) and the demand for comfort food during stressful times have contributed to the growth of the global fast-food packaging market.
There is also a need to improve health. More and more consumers are trying to incorporate healthy supplements into their snacking habits. Consumers are starting to realize they need to consume more probiotics, fiber, and protein.
Snacks are now more than just savory or sweet. They are becoming a source of nutrition to improve overall health goals.

Complex packaging for snacks

From healthy snacks to easily digestible and even functional foods, today can offer it all. For a snack pack to really work, it has to keep the snack fresh and easy to consume.
Many snack brands have opted for complex packaging. Currently, the complex packaging segment holds the largest share of the global snack food packaging market and is expected to grow at the highest rate over the next seven years.
Stand-up bags are bags with bottoms that give them the ability to stand firmly on the shelf and are visually appealing to consumers when they go shopping at the supermarket or grocery store. Many snacks use stand-up pouches such as beef jerky, nuts, granola, and larger bags that hold multiple single servings inside.
Flat bags (3 side bags, 4 side bags, gusset bags), as the name suggests, are bags that lie flat on a shelf. They include a hanging hole and they can be your best bet if you want your products to hang on a shelf in the store.
Roll film is printed and laminated on a roll. Roll film is best suited for brands that want to create bags with their own bag-forming equipment or those of a co-packer. This is the ideal plastic packaging for a wide range of products including granola bars, cookies, chips, tortillas, and all kinds of single-serve snacks.

Four outstanding benefits of complex packaging

Extend shelf life

The complex packaging provides excellent protection for products with the ability to block heat, odors, oxygen, and light. The main benefit is reduced spoilage, resulting in less food waste.
Plus, using the zipper feature makes your packaging re-sealable so your snacks stay fresh between uses.

Presence on display shelves

Will your snack products be sold online or in stores? In a gourmet, high-end store, or a grocery or convenience store? Consider how the package will be best represented, both on the shelf and on mobile devices.
Bags come in a variety of sizes and shapes for a wide variety of products and allow for high-impact graphics. Clear images, clear text, and great branding can all help enhance the consumer experience.

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Convenient snacks

Is your snack designed to be consumed on the go or at home in the evenings? Is it a single-use product like a packet of granules, or a multi-serving package like a bag of chips? Whether on the go or eating at home, good packaging should be easy to open and easy to use. The complex packaging is movable and easily opened so that consumers can consume the product regardless of their context. It’s also lighter than hard packagings like boxes or jars, so it’s easy to carry and store.

Smart packaging

With smart packaging, you can turn your snack into an online user experience. Smart packaging is packaging that uses QR codes to attract consumers. By scanning the code, they can view recipes, videos, promotions, join loyalty programs, sign up for newsletters, play games, download coupons, or view the snack’s journey from Production starts until it hits the shelves. Smart packaging is the future of consumer engagement.

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