Chocolate is probably the world’s most popular sweet snack. It is now very much part of our daily lives – whether it’s a bar of chocolate, a chocolate snack, a cup of hot chocolate, or a chocolate biscuit. Our current trend towards greater awareness about food has also affected the production of chocolate so that it is gradually moving away from a mass product and is sometimes even an exclusive piece of craftsmanship. What many manufacturers are now investing in their products again is special care and attention to detail. This is reflected not only in the exquisite taste of the chocolate but quite often also in the packaging design so that its superior quality becomes immediately obvious.

Advantageous gain of product use chocolate laminated film packaging

Chocolate-associated products can be packaged in various ways to attract and retain consumers. Reasons for adopting laminated film packaging options include:

  • Chocolate goods are transported and stored with ease and more cost-effectively.
  • The product shelf life is elongated as foil layering ensures and maintains product freshness.
  • The shapes and forms of goods are protected throughout the distribution process.
  • Creative packaging designs are used to lure consumers to shelves and encourage sales.
  • Nutritional-related information can creatively and visibly be displayed on all chocolate packaging.

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Food-grade chocolate packaging materials

Requirement: seal at low temperature and could anti-UV light


  • Matt/Ink/BOPP white/PVDC/ cold seal
  • Matt/Ink/VMPET/AD/BOPP/PVDC/ cold seal


  • PVDC, VMPET are materials that have a high barrier. 
  • Cold Seal could assist in sealing at low temperatures without affecting the quality of chocolate. 
  • Because Chocolate or Nuts contain oil, they could easily be oxidized. 
  • As such, PVDC is used against oxidization

Chocolate laminated film packaging of various designs

The chocolate market is highly competitive, so manufacturers must focus on packaging designs. The chocolate laminated film packaging is used not only to secure product shipping but also used for marketing and brand awareness purposes. We offer chocolate laminated film packaging to enhance customer appeal and convenience. The core purpose of chocolate laminated film packaging will be to pack chocolate-related goods, such as:

  • Chocolate drinks
  • Chocolate
  • Various chocolate cake ingredients
  • Chocolate tablets

Chocolate is a confectionery produced mainly for the consumption of younger children but enjoyed by many, hence the packaging should be appealing to various target markets. Chocolate-targeted consumers all have different reasons for consuming chocolates and therefore chocolate packaging material and designs should cater to each preference. Plastic bag printing produces flexible packaging in different bags forms such as:

  • Flat bottom pouches
  • Stand up pouch
  • Pillow pouches
  • Three sides sealed bags
  • Cold seal trolls and
  • Twist wrap with chocolate films for our confectionery packaging service.

These materials are able to offer high durability, flexibility, and long shelf life of the products. These packaging bags are included with various modifications like zip closure, euro slot, hanging holes, degassing valve, tear notch, and transparent window as per the specifications of our esteemed customers. So we offer safe and easy-to-use chocolate & energy bar packaging bags. These high-quality and innovative chocolate bags are helpful for distinguishing your products from the competitive industries and heightening brand loyalty among consumers. These packaging bags are extensively admired for their appealing appearance, fantastic colors, perfect finish, and durability.

Chocolate laminated film packaging is produced using modern technology

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